Saturday, December 5, 2009

Boxer Knocked Out After a Decision

I taped this a long time ago on a VCR tape. Dude gets knocked out after a decision. WTF?

DJ QBert Destroying Wax At The DRUM Show

DJ QBert came to the DRUM show, this track from the early 90's, and annihilated wax at the DRUM show. I believe this was after his World DJ DMC Title but before the Invisbl Skratch Piklz were started. Anyways enjoy this one. I have another with DJ Disk I will post up at a later date. ENJOY!!!


Kurlee Do Not Call Me You Have Won Too Many Prizes

You know when you are being told not to call that you have won every trivia Kevvy Kev gives out. Now he needs to do "Name That Tune," Hip-Hop Style. Ha!


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Eminem, Mos Def, Black Thought Freestyle Cypher!

Jamalski on The Drum Show

Jamalski came through the DRUM Show and killed. His reggae/MC style is kind of like a Fu-Schnicken type style with out the bubble gum feel. Enjoy.


Friday, November 13, 2009

Presto? : Brutal Brazilian Hardcore

Finally, yes, my first hardcore/grind post. Its here.

I have been listening to these guys for a year or more and they fucking rule. I talk to people and most have never heard of them. Here's a little bit about them:

"Presto? are something similar yet also quite different. For the sake of putting two things together for the sheer fun of the image in my mind, Presto? sounds like the bastardized child of Los Crudos and Eyehategod, or maybe some of the doomier Enewetak, seeing as how the longest song on this album is 1:11. They use a far lower end of the spectrum to bludgeon their point right into your head. You may get hives from listening to this record

Presto? are a Brazillian band who sing in Portuguese. Despite the language barrier, if this doesnt want to make you overthrow governments, and I mean plural, like, all of them, then youre just not getting it or youre in the wrong building altogether. Presto? drops ridiculous riffs within a 30 second period, going from full on blast beats to awesome punk hardcore and then unleashing an atonal doom riff that makes your spleen pump 12 times more blood. If you made it through Assück then youre adrenaline is already maxed and your heart is straining to put up with the extra stress. By the time you get to Presto? your heart is actually doing a circle pit inside your chest.

The title means Pure Concentrated Hate and that is pretty much what you get here. Its nothing but smiles for these guys as they generously start off the record with dirt caked bass riff that is slowed down. Its a land speed record of grinding atonality from there on out. One amazing highlight is Potencial Pra Nada which starts off like a Crudos song veering into absurd blast beats and choppy breakdowns before shearing off all sense of hope and light with stupendous riff that would make many doom bands want to put down the bong and start writing doomy grind core. There are many of these moments on this record."

If you like the hardcore aspect of Powerviolence, the speed of Grindcore, and the harshness of Brutal Death Metal, this ones for you. Enjoy!


Saturday, October 31, 2009

DJ Premier Time...On Halloween

That's right. Happy Halloween! Its DJ Premier Time!

Krumb Snatcha feat. Guru - Incredible (prod. DJ Premier)

Pitch Black feat. Styles P- Nice

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ras Kass and Voodu Freestyle DRUM Show FULL VERSIOIN

Since my man Anthony was disappointed that the track was cut in two, here's the FULL VERSION.

Daps to Philaflava Blogspot for putting up tons of rare tracks. It is one I frequent quite often. And props to Roy Johnson for promoting this site over there.

Ras Kass and Voodu DESTROY the mics on this track. As I said before, as I was listening to this being recorded, I was in amazement since at the time I had never heard of them before. I mean jaw to the floor with eyes wide open amazed. Here is the full 16 minute track. SKILLS!!! Enjoy.


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Random Football Clip

Don't know if any of you seen the game on MNF on October 12th between the Dolphins and the Jets. But I thought it was one of the most exciting games this year. Here is a few highlight clips that I uploaded from that game. Enjoy.

What a catch by Braylon Edwards. He did this his whole career at Michigan. Everyone was waiting for him to make catches in the pro's. I think Mark Sanchez is going to have a good career throwing to Edwards.

Michigan to Ohio State for the TD. Yep it happened. Chad Henne throws to Ted Ginn Jr. for a TD. Great TD!

Barbershop MC's on The DRUM Show

The Barbershop MC's came up to Nor Cal to spit some rhymes at The DRUM Show. The were affiliated with the Likwit Crew. Enjoy.


Dana Dane on The DRUM Show

Dana Dane stepped to the mic at The DRUM Show and spit lyrics for the Bay Area. If you didn't know, Dana Dane was part of the Kangol Crew which also included Slick Rick back in the day. Enjoy.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Just-Ice Freestyle

Just-Ice came through the Bay Area and spit some rhymes at a local radio station. Shit is hard. Listen.


Ras Kass and Voodu Freestyle DRUM Show Vol. 1

When Ras Kass and Voodu stepped up to the mic's at KZSU, I wasn't aware of who either one of them were at the time. Then they began RIPPING it and seriously, my jaw dropped to the floor. I have split this freestyle into 2 sections. First section I will post now. The other at a later date.

Ras Kass made a huge impression on me in the times he came to the DRUM show. And he is still in my top 10 Mc's EVER!!! Enjoy


Sorry For The Delay

Sorry guys but I have been super busy with a lot of things so I haven't been able to post. But since you guys have been waiting patiently, I got treats for you. Good stuff coming up.

Friday, September 18, 2009

DJ Premier Time....Why Not?

Show Biz and A.G. - Next Level

Gang Starr Ft. NYG'z & H. Staxx - Same Team No Games

Kev Giving Kurlee and the Dank Daddees Respect

Masta Ace and Lord Digga Freestyle on the DRUM Show

Masta Ace and Lord Digga rolled through the DRUM studio and spit some rhymes on the mic. Slaughterhouse is still one of my favorite Hip-Hop albums of all time. Every song is banger. Enjoy.


Friday, September 11, 2009

DJ Premier Time....Guess What?????Again!!!

DJ Premier. Greatest Producer Ever! Enjoy.

Gang Starr -Battle

DJ Premier & Sunkiss

King And I Freestyle

The King and I came to a local Bay Area radio station and rocked the Mic's. Track goes for 7 minutes. Nuff' said. Enjoy.


Big L on The DRUM Show KZSU Stanford Part 1

Yes the famous and masterful Big L blessed the mic's at KZSU Stanford during the DRUM show. The guy was a lyrical master and its too bad he is gone. One of the Greatest MC's. EVER Period. R.I.P. Big L.

Download Part 1

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dog House Prank Calls 7

Profanity Guy tries to get an estimate on a termite inspection. I guess people don't appreciate the art of cursing. Who knew?


Elvis calls his victim and accuses them of owing a bill. Too funny.


Wu Tang Clan on the DRUM Show

Yes you heard it correct. The Wu-Tang Clan showed up at KZSU Stanford and anhilated the mic's. I mean they almost set the place on fire. I am a loss for words. Except this is their first visit to the Basement. I have their second visit which I will tease y'all with and post later. Enjoy.


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Beatunuts on the DRUM Show

The Beatnuts showed up to the DRUM one fateful Sunday for there second visit from which I can remember. JuJu, Al' Tariq and Psycho Les tore it up and I guess Kev let them curse as much as they wanted. Who cares about the FCC? Anyways, I have another visit from them that I will post at a later date. Enjoy this one first.


Hobo Junction and Mystik Journeymen on the DRUM

Oakland represented heavily in the Palo Alto studios of KZSU Stanford. Big Nous, King Saan and P.O.K.E from the Hobo Junction and Sunspot Jonz and Luckyiam from Mystik Journeymen destroyed the mics on the DRUM show. Enjoy.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dank Daddee Shoutout # 2

I just want to give a shoutout to all the Redwood City Dank Daddee's out there doing there thing. Big ups to the following people:

Stinkweed, Refuse, Weapon, Senor, Red Devil, McGuyver, DTM, Chris B., Big Z, Apu, Beto, Smoke1, Plutocracy, Immortal Fate, No Le$$, Spazz, Agents of Satan, Kalmex and the Riffmerchants, Verlaten, Valdur and Go Like This.

Ray Luv and Special Ed on the DRUM

Ray Luv and Special Ed were at KZSU on Sunday at the same time. Kind of a weird combo. I know. Santa Rosa and Brooklyn MC's with two completely different styles stepping to the mic at the same time. Well they made it work. I also have a single track by each MC that I will post at a later date. Peep it.


Friday, August 21, 2009

Kevvy Kev and the DRUM Posse Presents Bang The Drum

Kevvy Kev sent me a message telling me about the show he is hosting in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco on August 30th, 2009. Its called Bang the Drum. And the shit is going to be LIVE!!!!!

Check the list. And if you are anywhere near San Francisco on August 30th, go to that show. Shit is going to be SICK!

(Click the picture for larger image)

KRS One Phone Freestyle on the DRUM Show

So today I am feeling pretty good. I am just getting over a major sinus infection that kept me out of work the better part of the week. Its FRIDAY! And my girl just came home with these exact words "Are we going to Hooters tonight?" Fuck yeah we are. Tits and beer. What could be better?

So to mark this occasion. Here's a KRS One phone freestyle when he called into the show one glorious Sunday evening. Enjoy your Friday night Y'all.


Lyrical Storm OLD Chali 2na and Steady Serve on the DRUM Show

Lyrical Storm, O.L.D., Chali 2na and Steady Serve, on the turntables, came to the KZSU Stanford studios and blessed the mic's. Even Kevvy Kev himself steps to the mic's and spits.

I think Eon's has a version of this freestyle on his page, Ripped Open, which I spent the last half hour looking for but to no avail. Here is another version of the freestyle session.


Monday, August 17, 2009

CM Fam, Curious George, Kool Keith on the DRUM

CM Family including Bobbito, Lord Sear, Curious George and Kool Keith stopped by the DRUM show for a little fun and mic playing. Curious George comes off the head and Kool Keith being his weird self, makes this a basically a comedy track. Enjoy.


Alias and D-Wise Represent Sac-Town

Alias and D-Wise(from what I can gather), representing Sacramento, swung by a local radio show and spit some rhymes for the Bay Area. Peep it.

I actually have a few freestyles from un-identified MC's on my tapes. So if you have any knowledge as to who they are, hit me up. I would appreciate it, and so would the said MC's.


Friday, August 14, 2009

Gift of Gab Freestyle on the DRUM Show

Gift of Gab, MC extraordinaire of Blackalicious, came through the DRUM show and tore up the place one Sunday. Another one of my favorite MC's. Dude just is on another level when it comes to rhymes. Enjoy.


Its Friday. DJ Premier Time!!!

Yes, I am feeling good. Its Friday. Time to drink with the fam tonight, and get ready for the Carano vs Cyborg fight tomorrow. Anyways, here's a couple of tracks to get you ready for the weekend. Enjoy.

Non Phixion - "Rock Stars" (Produced by DJ Premier)

Nas - New York State of Mind

Monday, August 10, 2009

Boot Camp Clik on the DRUM Show Part 1

Boot Camp Clik came through the DRUM show and destroyed the basement studio. So much so, I had to split this track into two parts. O.G.C, Heltah Skeltah and the Buckshot Shorty(in Part II) just killing it. Enjoy!


Friday, August 7, 2009

A.G. and Lord Finesse Freestyle

So since Kevvy Kev was originally from New York, he used to go back all the time during the holidays, and I believe he also used to trade material back and forth with Stretch and Bobbito. So he used to bless us with freestyles from the Stretch and Bobbito show all the time. I also put these tracks on my freestyle tapes. Kev would put his seal of approval "KZSU Stanford" on each one. I have a few he missed. Here's one of them. A.G. and Lord Finesse just kill it. Nuff said.


Kevvy Kev Shouting Out Dank Daddee's Spazzing

So Kev knew about me, Curlee, since I called so much to help from my couch in my parents garage :) He also knew about my crew, the Dank Daddee's. So when an announcement came by his desk, and he saw Dank Daddee's on it, he automatically gave us our props. Little did he know that the flyer he was reading was about a Grindcore show down in downtown Redwood City with all my friends bands. Spazz (props to Eons, this track is for you) and No Le$$ played at this show. So I believe Kev didn't even read the flyer beforehand, saw Dank Daddee's blurted out some lines, didn't know what it was when he finally realized it was something completely different from Hip-Hop and got out of it. And said they will be Spazzing out. LOL! Shit is hella funny.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

GP vs A-Wolf Freestyle Battle

A local morning radio show here in the Bay Area had a local competition for the best freestyle MC. They put up 2 MC's to battle it out with rhymes. Once one was voted to have won, callers would come in and try to knock him off his pedestal. Anyways, A-Wolf had been on the pedestal for numerous weeks, and an MC from Oakland named GP came into the studio to try and get his crown. Anyways, here's the battle between GP and A-Wolf. Remember these guys at the time were unsigned and going off the top of the head. Enjoy.


Friday, July 31, 2009

DJ Premier Time Once Again

EDIT: Sorry wasn't feeling these enough. Here are the replacements.

I am feeling the need for some more DJ Premier. You? Here's a couple more tracks to get your ready for the weekend. Enjoy.

Fat Joe - That White

Verbal Threat - Reality Check

Mix Tape Collections I Just Found

So, as the story goes. We just moved into our new place a few months ago, and I knew I had a box full of mix tapes I bought off Ebay. Well my eyes lit up because I just found them.

Years ago this dude was selling mixtapes from different Turntablist DJ's. I bought the set of them and used to bump to them in my Walkman. Well now its your lucky day. I will upload one them every so often.

I played the first one and it sounded really bad. Too high pitched and barely recognizable. So I found the mix tape elsewhere and uploaded it for you all. So here is DJ Babu Back to the Lab Mix Tape from 1993. Enjoy.


Das Efx Freestyle on the DRUM

Hit Squad's own Das Efx came by the drum one gloomy Sunday Night. Skoob and Krazy Drayzy killed it like they usually did. I remember when they came out with "They Want EFX." Their diggity style just fit, but after a few albums they got rather gimmicky. But it was their style, and they did it well. Have a great weekend Y'all, I'm on vacation. Peace!


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Dog House Prank Calls 6

Elvis calls up a guy about his custom motorcycle that he had built and was stolen. Guy acts like a tough guy. Classic.


Elvis talks to a guy who cut a tree too far back at a property, and isn't getting his deposit back. Hilarious.


Smooth Da Hustla Freestyle on the DRUM

Brooklyn's own Smooth Da Hustla and his brother Trigger Da Gambler came through the DRUM show and spit heat at the mic's. "Broken Language" was one of my all time favorite tracks. Even though it had a catchy style to it, almost like a Das Efx diggity catchiness, it was raw. And "the mansion having sauna soaker" is one of my all time favorite verses from that track. Anyways, check this track out. Enjoy.


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Method Man Freestyle from YouTube Video I Posted

For all of you familiar with my YouTube videos, I posted this up since I got a lot of comments digging this video.

Well on one of my freestyle tapes, I found Meth doing a freestyle to the same beat everybody was so hyped on. So not only did I put up a player so you could hear it first, I also put up the option to download it. Enjoy.


The Artifacts Freestyle on the DRUM

Tame One and El Da Sensei of The Artifacts swooped through the DRUM basement and blew up the mic. When they where in the Bay on the same weekend, they also spit rhymes at another radio station which I will post up in the future. Both MC's were graffiti artists and when their "Wrong Side of the Tracks" video came out, us writers from RWC got hyped. I am also posting up the video for your enjoyment. One!


And the video.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Redman Freestyle on the Drum Show Part 1

Redman came to the DRUM show and killed it with 27 minutes of continous freestyle. Well most of them were written raps, but whatever. He spit rhymes. Or more than JayZ did when he came to the DRUM. But whatever. I broke this one up into 2 parts. 2 times the fun. Enjoy.


Premier The Great

Yes, Premier the Great. All I have to say is wow. Beats so crisp. OOOOHHHHHHHH. And yes a weird combination. Termanology and Bun B. What?

Now I am not a fan of Snoop Dog at all. Actually I think his music is garbage. But Premier hooked him up with HEAT. It had to be here. It asked to be here.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Western Hemisphere Freestyle DRUM Show

Western Hemisphere came up north to the DRUM and spit flames at the mics. If you didn't know, Western Hemisphere consists of Meen Green and Voodu. They also teamed up with on the Underground Airplay Album Vol. 6 which seemed to only come on a cassete. And got down with LMNO, Ras Kass, Key-Kool and DJ Rhettmattic of the Beat Junkies on E=MC5 on the Kozmonautz LP.

Support your California MC's. These guys rips shit. Buy there album.

And keep your ears peeled, because I have an even longer session coming up in the near future with Ras Kass and Voodu. Enjoy!!!


Underground Airplay Vol. 6


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

DJ Premier Time

DJ Premier (Gang Starr) is in my opinion, truly the greatest Hip-Hop producer of all time. None can even come close to the crispness and quality of his beats. And every single one sucks you in and makes you go into unconscious head bobbing. (And yes I know it has nothing to do with the West Bay, but come on man, its Primo.) I will be posting up different vids and clips here and there to pay homage to DJ Primo. So enjoy.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Missin' Linx Freestyle on the DRUM

Missin' Linx, consisting of Black Attack, MC Problemz and Al Tariq from the Beatnuts, came to the DRUM and killed it.

And I know I keep mentioning the DRUM Show. So go and listen to it, every Sunday night from 6-9pm. KZSU Standord. Call my man Kevvy Kev and tell him he is a legend at work. 650-723-9010. The Drum Son!


If you didn't know about Missin' Linx, go cop the album. Shit's HEAT:

Missin' Linx - Exhibit A

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dog House Prank Calls 5

Elvis calls up elderly folks and accuses them of stealing his package. There is a suprise at the end of this track. Elvis sure better have a good lawyer.


Elvis harasses a guy who is selling a car. Elvis accuses the guy of having his car towed. Pretty funny stuff.


Kool Keith Over The Phone Freestyle

Since Kool Keith and Kutmasta Kurt were good friends, Keith (Ultramagnetic MC's) used to call into the DRUM show once and a while and kick some rhymes. Here is Keith spitting some off the top of the head rhymes with his partner in crime Sir Menelik. Props to one of the greatest MC's of all time. KOOL KEITH aka Poppa Large aka Rythm X


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dog House Prank Calls 4

Elvis calls up some elderly people to tell them they have just won a trip. They sure do.


Leonard Pinconell from London calls people trying to sell British CD's. Hillarious.


Fugees Freestyle on the DRUM

The Fugees stopped by the DRUM show and blessed the mic. This is before they got all famous. Before Wycleff Jean started buying million dollar cars (that bastard has a Pagani Zonda and a MClaren F1) and before Lauryn Hill got all psycho and ducked everyone to her hide out. Excuse the quality, but its still pretty dope.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wise Intelligent Freestyle on the DRUM

Wise Intelligent of Poor Righteous Teachers fame came to the DRUM show a few times and killed it every time he stepped to the mic. This is the shorter of the two times I have him on tape. You have to hear this one. He kills it.


Dog House Prank Calls 3

Elvis prank calls a guy who had returned a baseball card and straight clowns him.


Elvis prank calls this guy who is claiming to have back problems and gets him riled up.


Ras Kass Freestyle on the DRUM

Ras Kass came to the Bay and spit FIRE at the DRUM show. If you didn't know, Ras Kass is from Carson, CA. He's part of Western Hemisphere (Meen Green and Voodu) and Golden State Warriors (Xzibit and Saafir). He is truly one of my favorite MC's, and just destroys mic's wherever he rocks the mic. Peep it.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Youtube Vids

Matoner was so kind to let me use his audio to digital convertor for a very long time. Thanks Rogue! In that time, I went through countless VCR tapes and was able to catch tons of video on it. I will from time to time post up hard to find clips or clips that I enjoy watching and you probably will too.

Here's one of Shaun White at a VERY young age almost losing his life on a skate ramp. Peep it.

And here's another. Its a St. Ides commecrial with the Geto Boys and Ice Cube.

Dank Daddee Shoutouts

Just wanted to give a shoutout to all the Dank Daddee Krew out there scattered across the Bay Area and abroad. KZSU loved us as well, and gave us shoutouts all at random. This is DJ Rise of TMF fame giving out the shout. Thanks Senor for the info.

Dog House Prank Calls 2

Elvis plays the drunk guy and does a False Accusation call on a stranger about a chainsaw. Classic!.


Hollywood calls a luggage store as the No No guy and gets on the lady's nerves. This one had me rollin'.


Third Sight Freestyle on the DRUM

Third Sight came through the Drum studios and ripped it up. For those that don't know, Third Sight consisted of Jihad, Du Funk and D-Style of ISP and Beat Junkies fame. They originated out of San Jose, CA. And were by far one of the most rugged Hip-Hop artists in the 90's. Check the track.


Trendz of Culture Freestyle on the DRUM

Trendz of Culture came to the DRUM show and blessed the mic. Many people slept on this group. Emcee Nastee and Grapevine rip it up on this track. Check it.


Monday, July 13, 2009

Hugh E.M.C. & DJ X1 (Gansta Knowledge) 1989

This one is for Stinkweed. He got all hyped when Quest was spinning Hugh E.M.C. at the Go Like This/Verlaten show earlier this year.

Hugh E.M.C. & DJ X1 (Gansta Knowledge) 1989

Got this over at Gori - C.M.C.'s blogspot. Peep his site. He's got a lot's of rare stuff.

Alkaholiks Freestyle on the DRUM

The Alkaholiks stopped by one Sunday and busted a freestyle on the DRUM. This was right after the DMC competition so you could tell they were pretty tore up already. Recording is okay, but not the best. Check it out though, its dope.


Dog House Prank Calls

One of our local radio station here in the Bay Area had a morning radio show called the Dog House. J.V., Hollywood and Elvis were the hosts and they would have everybody laughing during the 4 hours or so that they were on the air.

Every morning, listeners would make requests to prank call somebody they know, and most of the time Elvis would take care of the prank call. The dude is hella talented and came up with all types of characters to trick these people. So look out for some of these.

Here's a prank call with Elvis calling a lady who is moving into a condo. Comedy.


Here's a prank call with Elvis calling as a finance guy.


Sunday, July 12, 2009

Greatest Concept Ever

The greatest canvas the world has ever know is the woman's body. And what better way to show your art by painting it on the greatest canvas. This site is dedicated to painting grafitti art on woman's bodies. Why didn't I think of that?

Anyways, here's the link. Adults only.

Shriiimp Grafitti on Girls

Saafir vs Tajai Battle

This is just a piece of the full Hobo Junction vs Hieroglyphics battle. This is Saafir vs Tajai. I will give you a snippet for now. I have the whole battle I will post up at a later date. This will get your taste buds wet. Have fun with this though. Enjoy.


Lyrical Storm Freesytle on the DRUM

The Lyrical Storm came through the DRUM show and killed it. I don't have much info on the Lyrical Storm. Anybody got more info to give this kid his props? Kev? Eons? Anyone? Help me out in the comments so this guy can get his daps. His shit is dope. Enjoy.


Motion Man Freestyle on the DRUM

Motion Man came through the Drum Show and spit fire at the Mic. He is one of my all time favorite Bay Area Mc's and super lyrically gifted. Enjoy.


Motion Man has done a lot of stuff with both Kutmaster Kurt and Kool Keith of the Ultramagnetic MC's. Here is a list of his discography. And if you like what you heard above, support him and buy his stuff. Peace.

Motion Man Discography

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Erick Sermon Freestyle

The Green Eyed Bandit Erick Sermon swerved through the Bay Area and blessed the Mic's at KZSU one Sunday. Yes the same Erick Sermon from EPMD. If you don't know who EPMD is, please go and check if your still alive. Enjoy.


Mystic JourneyMen Freestyle

The Mystic JourneyMen came through KZSU and ripped it. They also brought this kid from Germany that blessed the mic with some German ryhmes. Check it out.


And if you didn't know, the Mystic Journeymen have been surviving on mix tapes for a long time. Go out and buy a tape of album from them. Support your local Bay Area Rap Artists.


Friday, July 10, 2009

Steve Coleman and the Metrics Freestyle

When Steve Coleman and the Metrics came to KZSU I said WHO? But then the MC's just destroyed the Mic. And with Steve Coleman playing the horn in the background, this is an ultimate classic. This is one of my all time favorite freestyle sessions on KZSU's the DRUM show.


Here is a little info about Steve Coleman and the Metrics.


And since I know you enjoyed the track I uploaded, go and support them and by their album. It is dope. You can get it here:

Buy Their Album

Lateef The Truth Speaker Freestyle

Lateef the Truth Speaker is an MC out of East Oakland who was once part of Latyrx with Lyrics Born and the Maroons with Blackalicious' Chief Xcel. He has been also doing things with DJ Shadow and Z-Trip. This track is a freestyle by Lateef on KZSU Stanford the DRUM show.


Make sure to support your local Bay Area artists. If you like what you hear, buy Lateef's album. Dude is dope. Here is Lateef's Myspace page.

Chino XL and Saafir Freestyle

Chino XL and Saafir team up on this freestyle session. Chino XL, the very underrated and lyrically gifted MC from Art of Origin(and one of my favorite MC's of all time) , goes off on this track. Saafir, the Menace to Society victim who took part in the infamous battle against Casual on a local radio show here in the Bay Area. This took place at KZSU Stanford on the DRUM show. Enjoy!


90.1 KZSU Stanford The DRUM Show

When I was a young buck in 1984, I was a B-Boy looking for music to break to. At the time we were using mainstream stuff like Atlantic Star, Run DMC and Michael Jackson stuff to breakdance to. I used to search around on the radio looking for other songs that could get the circle hyped. And then I stumbled upon 90.1 KZSU Stanford. My man Kevvy Kev Cool Breeze was there spinning the early early jams. At the time and being a young kid, I didn't understand that he had a radio show on Sunday nights from 6-9pm, so I would randomly find the show, get all excited, and tape it. It wasn't until the starting of the 90's that I started tuning in every Sunday night for the Drum Show.

It was Kevvy Kev who taught us all in the Bay Area how to appreciate REAL hip-hop music. In the early 90's, most of it came from the East Coast, but it was ruff and grimmy and I loved it. I used to tape every single show. Going through at least 3 audio tapes every Sunday. I would bring these tapes to work on my dual tape boom box and mark down what each song or freestyle was on each tape. Then sit there at my workbench while I was working and edit the tapes to make my own. I did this, seriously for at least 6 years.

Quite a few friends and I would sit in my parents garage every Sunday night drinking and smoking dank and listen to the DRUM show. We would call up and make requests every hour or every few minutes sometimes, really wanting to be part of the show. Kev would have contests over the air and I had my phone on speed dial, calling in. One quote from Kev that I have on tape and I will post is "Kurlee, you have won too many prizes. Do not call." LOL!!! To us, The Redwood City Dank Daddee Krew, it made us feel like we were there in the studio with Kev and Kutmaster Kurt helping out with the show. It was awesome.

I have a collection of Freestyle tapes that I have had sitting in my closet for a really long time. I have a lot of great sound footage I will be sharing with you all. No sense in keeping all this great footage on audio tape so that no one can hear it.

I just wanted to thank Kevvy Kev, Kutmaster Kurt, Dopestyle and Mike Nice for playing the REAL Hip-Hop we all wanted to hear, answering the request lines, and actually gettin our voices over the phone onto the air. Kev you helped our musical tastes grow by playing the Real Shit. And I thank you. The DRUM show is the greatest underground Hip-Hop show in the world. Hands down. And its in the West Bay. 650. So check out Kevvy Kev and his show every Sunday night on 90.1FM KZSU Stanford. The Drum Son!!!!

Kurlee Daddee
Redwood City Dank Daddee Krew

P.S. Yes Kev knows who I am. Here he is giving me props and making me the Official Drum Archivist

West Bay Dominance is Now Online

Sup Y'all. I started this blog to share with you a lot of stuff I have had on tape, record or CD for a long time. I am a procrastinator in nature, so there may be weeks between my posts. But fear not. I am pretty excited in getting this Blog up and running to share some of my Gems with you. So tune in and often because I will be uploading as often as possible with things you may or may not like. Keep your ears open...