Saturday, August 29, 2009

Beatunuts on the DRUM Show

The Beatnuts showed up to the DRUM one fateful Sunday for there second visit from which I can remember. JuJu, Al' Tariq and Psycho Les tore it up and I guess Kev let them curse as much as they wanted. Who cares about the FCC? Anyways, I have another visit from them that I will post at a later date. Enjoy this one first.


Hobo Junction and Mystik Journeymen on the DRUM

Oakland represented heavily in the Palo Alto studios of KZSU Stanford. Big Nous, King Saan and P.O.K.E from the Hobo Junction and Sunspot Jonz and Luckyiam from Mystik Journeymen destroyed the mics on the DRUM show. Enjoy.


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dank Daddee Shoutout # 2

I just want to give a shoutout to all the Redwood City Dank Daddee's out there doing there thing. Big ups to the following people:

Stinkweed, Refuse, Weapon, Senor, Red Devil, McGuyver, DTM, Chris B., Big Z, Apu, Beto, Smoke1, Plutocracy, Immortal Fate, No Le$$, Spazz, Agents of Satan, Kalmex and the Riffmerchants, Verlaten, Valdur and Go Like This.

Ray Luv and Special Ed on the DRUM

Ray Luv and Special Ed were at KZSU on Sunday at the same time. Kind of a weird combo. I know. Santa Rosa and Brooklyn MC's with two completely different styles stepping to the mic at the same time. Well they made it work. I also have a single track by each MC that I will post at a later date. Peep it.


Friday, August 21, 2009

Kevvy Kev and the DRUM Posse Presents Bang The Drum

Kevvy Kev sent me a message telling me about the show he is hosting in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco on August 30th, 2009. Its called Bang the Drum. And the shit is going to be LIVE!!!!!

Check the list. And if you are anywhere near San Francisco on August 30th, go to that show. Shit is going to be SICK!

(Click the picture for larger image)

KRS One Phone Freestyle on the DRUM Show

So today I am feeling pretty good. I am just getting over a major sinus infection that kept me out of work the better part of the week. Its FRIDAY! And my girl just came home with these exact words "Are we going to Hooters tonight?" Fuck yeah we are. Tits and beer. What could be better?

So to mark this occasion. Here's a KRS One phone freestyle when he called into the show one glorious Sunday evening. Enjoy your Friday night Y'all.


Lyrical Storm OLD Chali 2na and Steady Serve on the DRUM Show

Lyrical Storm, O.L.D., Chali 2na and Steady Serve, on the turntables, came to the KZSU Stanford studios and blessed the mic's. Even Kevvy Kev himself steps to the mic's and spits.

I think Eon's has a version of this freestyle on his page, Ripped Open, which I spent the last half hour looking for but to no avail. Here is another version of the freestyle session.


Monday, August 17, 2009

CM Fam, Curious George, Kool Keith on the DRUM

CM Family including Bobbito, Lord Sear, Curious George and Kool Keith stopped by the DRUM show for a little fun and mic playing. Curious George comes off the head and Kool Keith being his weird self, makes this a basically a comedy track. Enjoy.


Alias and D-Wise Represent Sac-Town

Alias and D-Wise(from what I can gather), representing Sacramento, swung by a local radio show and spit some rhymes for the Bay Area. Peep it.

I actually have a few freestyles from un-identified MC's on my tapes. So if you have any knowledge as to who they are, hit me up. I would appreciate it, and so would the said MC's.


Friday, August 14, 2009

Gift of Gab Freestyle on the DRUM Show

Gift of Gab, MC extraordinaire of Blackalicious, came through the DRUM show and tore up the place one Sunday. Another one of my favorite MC's. Dude just is on another level when it comes to rhymes. Enjoy.


Its Friday. DJ Premier Time!!!

Yes, I am feeling good. Its Friday. Time to drink with the fam tonight, and get ready for the Carano vs Cyborg fight tomorrow. Anyways, here's a couple of tracks to get you ready for the weekend. Enjoy.

Non Phixion - "Rock Stars" (Produced by DJ Premier)

Nas - New York State of Mind

Monday, August 10, 2009

Boot Camp Clik on the DRUM Show Part 1

Boot Camp Clik came through the DRUM show and destroyed the basement studio. So much so, I had to split this track into two parts. O.G.C, Heltah Skeltah and the Buckshot Shorty(in Part II) just killing it. Enjoy!


Friday, August 7, 2009

A.G. and Lord Finesse Freestyle

So since Kevvy Kev was originally from New York, he used to go back all the time during the holidays, and I believe he also used to trade material back and forth with Stretch and Bobbito. So he used to bless us with freestyles from the Stretch and Bobbito show all the time. I also put these tracks on my freestyle tapes. Kev would put his seal of approval "KZSU Stanford" on each one. I have a few he missed. Here's one of them. A.G. and Lord Finesse just kill it. Nuff said.


Kevvy Kev Shouting Out Dank Daddee's Spazzing

So Kev knew about me, Curlee, since I called so much to help from my couch in my parents garage :) He also knew about my crew, the Dank Daddee's. So when an announcement came by his desk, and he saw Dank Daddee's on it, he automatically gave us our props. Little did he know that the flyer he was reading was about a Grindcore show down in downtown Redwood City with all my friends bands. Spazz (props to Eons, this track is for you) and No Le$$ played at this show. So I believe Kev didn't even read the flyer beforehand, saw Dank Daddee's blurted out some lines, didn't know what it was when he finally realized it was something completely different from Hip-Hop and got out of it. And said they will be Spazzing out. LOL! Shit is hella funny.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

GP vs A-Wolf Freestyle Battle

A local morning radio show here in the Bay Area had a local competition for the best freestyle MC. They put up 2 MC's to battle it out with rhymes. Once one was voted to have won, callers would come in and try to knock him off his pedestal. Anyways, A-Wolf had been on the pedestal for numerous weeks, and an MC from Oakland named GP came into the studio to try and get his crown. Anyways, here's the battle between GP and A-Wolf. Remember these guys at the time were unsigned and going off the top of the head. Enjoy.