Sunday, January 24, 2010

Guru on the Phone at the DRUM Show

Guru from Gangstarr called up on the DRUM show and kicked a few rhymes. Check it out! Pretty dope!


Chino XL on the DRUM Show

Chino XL came by the DRUM show and killed it. Chino is one of my favorite MC's of all time. The first time I heard "Into the Pit" by the Art of Origin, I was like who is this guy? Chino is just super mad skilled in rhyming and freestyling. Here's a little freestyle session on the DRUM show. Enjoy.


And We're Back

Happy New Year EVERYONE!!! Sorry for the long lay off. Been doing my thing trying to get shit straight. Anyways, I got lots more treats for y'all. So keep your ears peeled. Here's a couple vids for this glorious Sunday. Yep, more Premier Beats.

J. Rock - Ghetto Life

Ras Kass - Goldyn Child