Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Western Hemisphere Freestyle DRUM Show

Western Hemisphere came up north to the DRUM and spit flames at the mics. If you didn't know, Western Hemisphere consists of Meen Green and Voodu. They also teamed up with on the Underground Airplay Album Vol. 6 which seemed to only come on a cassete. And got down with LMNO, Ras Kass, Key-Kool and DJ Rhettmattic of the Beat Junkies on E=MC5 on the Kozmonautz LP.

Support your California MC's. These guys rips shit. Buy there album.

And keep your ears peeled, because I have an even longer session coming up in the near future with Ras Kass and Voodu. Enjoy!!!


Underground Airplay Vol. 6



  1. Thanks i love western hemisfear stuff please post the vooodu and ras kass freestyle.

  2. Its coming in due time my friend.....

  3. Not to complain. But the file ends when vooodu stil rhymes. Is there a longer version of this?

    Thanks for all these freestyles

  4. Sorry Anthony. This is the track I have. But I hooked you up with the full version of Ras Kass and Voodu Freestyle. Enjoy!