Friday, September 11, 2009

Big L on The DRUM Show KZSU Stanford Part 1

Yes the famous and masterful Big L blessed the mic's at KZSU Stanford during the DRUM show. The guy was a lyrical master and its too bad he is gone. One of the Greatest MC's. EVER Period. R.I.P. Big L.

Download Part 1


  1. Thanks a bunch for providing this. A couple questions: If you ripped this, can you post "part two", which I'm assuming is an interview? If not, can you tell me who originally posted this / where you got it from? And do you know what year (or month or day) this was recorded? Any other pertinent information is always appreciated. Thanks again, peace.

  2. Big Sleep,

    I recorded it on audio tape from KZSU Stanford. I guess this is from the mid-90's. Unfortunately I didn't date the tapes.

    I will post up part 2. There is no interview. The freestyle is kind of short, but its Pt. 2.

    I will get it up as soon as possible my man.