Saturday, March 26, 2011

Art of Origin - Into The Pit (Chino XL's Debut)

DJ Craze - DMC 1998 US Finals Routine

One of the dopest routines I have ever seen.

Funky Socialistics Freestyle

Funky Socialistics came through the Bay Area and blessed another radio station with a sick freestyle. Mid 90's. Enjoy.


Saturday, March 12, 2011

C-Funk Freestyle on the DRUM Show

C-Funk AKA Cap'N Crunch of EPA City's Rated X came by the KZSU Studios to bless the mic's on the DRUM Show. Enjoy.


Wu Tang Clan Freestyle Trip # 2 pt 1 on the DRUM Show

Wu Tang Clan came through the Bay Area a second time during the mid-90's and annihilated the mics in the basement of 90.1 KZSU studios on the DRUM show. This is part 1 of the freestyle session. Part 2 coming in the future. Enjoy the Massacre.