Friday, August 7, 2009

Kevvy Kev Shouting Out Dank Daddee's Spazzing

So Kev knew about me, Curlee, since I called so much to help from my couch in my parents garage :) He also knew about my crew, the Dank Daddee's. So when an announcement came by his desk, and he saw Dank Daddee's on it, he automatically gave us our props. Little did he know that the flyer he was reading was about a Grindcore show down in downtown Redwood City with all my friends bands. Spazz (props to Eons, this track is for you) and No Le$$ played at this show. So I believe Kev didn't even read the flyer beforehand, saw Dank Daddee's blurted out some lines, didn't know what it was when he finally realized it was something completely different from Hip-Hop and got out of it. And said they will be Spazzing out. LOL! Shit is hella funny.

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  1. The infamous Eagle's Hall show! Never heard this before. Props for digging it up.