Friday, September 18, 2009

DJ Premier Time....Why Not?

Show Biz and A.G. - Next Level

Gang Starr Ft. NYG'z & H. Staxx - Same Team No Games

Kev Giving Kurlee and the Dank Daddees Respect

Masta Ace and Lord Digga Freestyle on the DRUM Show

Masta Ace and Lord Digga rolled through the DRUM studio and spit some rhymes on the mic. Slaughterhouse is still one of my favorite Hip-Hop albums of all time. Every song is banger. Enjoy.


Friday, September 11, 2009

DJ Premier Time....Guess What?????Again!!!

DJ Premier. Greatest Producer Ever! Enjoy.

Gang Starr -Battle

DJ Premier & Sunkiss

King And I Freestyle

The King and I came to a local Bay Area radio station and rocked the Mic's. Track goes for 7 minutes. Nuff' said. Enjoy.


Big L on The DRUM Show KZSU Stanford Part 1

Yes the famous and masterful Big L blessed the mic's at KZSU Stanford during the DRUM show. The guy was a lyrical master and its too bad he is gone. One of the Greatest MC's. EVER Period. R.I.P. Big L.

Download Part 1

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dog House Prank Calls 7

Profanity Guy tries to get an estimate on a termite inspection. I guess people don't appreciate the art of cursing. Who knew?


Elvis calls his victim and accuses them of owing a bill. Too funny.


Wu Tang Clan on the DRUM Show

Yes you heard it correct. The Wu-Tang Clan showed up at KZSU Stanford and anhilated the mic's. I mean they almost set the place on fire. I am a loss for words. Except this is their first visit to the Basement. I have their second visit which I will tease y'all with and post later. Enjoy.