Saturday, June 18, 2011

Back With A Vengeance

All you all thought I was out of tracks to share didn't you. Seeing as all I have been posting is videos. Nope. Not done by a long shot. Keep you ears and eyes open. I got tracks to share. But I want comments.

I need to know, if you the subscribers like downloading tracks, or seeing them through vid format. I am giving options here. Uploading these tracks for download is simple. Making vids is time consuming, and youtube might play the copyright card, but I can always try to upload vids to this site. Let me know.


  1. glad to see you back and thanks or the latest uploads, like the Lord Finesse and Lateef freestyles! I dunno about others, but I prefer to just download joints so I can throw them on CD for my car.

  2. same here, the downloads are great to throw on CDs. i never got to hear the DRUM show so the freestyles are especially appreciated. thanks for the treats